Apr 15, 2019

How to deal with an inconsiderate Japanese hospital roommate

Hi guys, my daughter is currently admitted in a hospital in Tokyo and expected to stay for a minimum of 3 months. We are currently sharing a big isolation room with another patient. The mother of the patient is so loud that it will make you go crazy and will make your eardrums explode. I know limited Japanese but I know enough to understand basic convos. This mother is even badmouthing me to one of the nurses. I feel like this is some kind of discrimination. I swear we are not doing anything to her or to be an inconvenience since we share the same room. I'm thinking of bring this up to the ward head. Is it advisable? Or will just fall into deaf ears? TIA!!



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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 15

    I have no direct experience with such a case but it seems to me that you need to create the best possible environment in which your daughter can get well. So, rather than have to feel uncomfortable, I would say something to the head of the ward. Also this would seem to be the normal, Japanese way, too. I mean people here tend not to confront problem-makers head on, instead they go to the manager, landlord etc and have them sort it out, so speaking to the head of the ward is probably what others do. If the head of the ward is doing their job, they should at least listen to you and try to understand.

  • genkidesu

    on Apr 16

    I'd 100% say something. I have young children myself and that's absolutely not the kind of environment I'd want them (or me) to be dealing with. I think sometimes the foreigner-card can help when you raise issues - whether it's because people actually care or they just don't want to deal with us for longer than is necessary, I've often found that when I raise issues something gets done. Hopefully they can move you (or the inconsiderate room-mate) to another room. I hope your little one gets better fast!

  • Oldsoul

    on Apr 16

    Thanks Tomui and Genkidesu! Truly appreciate the inputs. I have prepared a formal letter in both English and Japanese (with the help of a friend) and shall hand it over to the Ward Head and see how it goes. My daughter is just almost 3 months old and have been diagnosed with a very rare disease that only 1-2 people get affected out of 1M population. It is curable but she has to undergo stem cell transplant. That's why my priority is for her to have a conducive and positive environment.

  • JapanRamen

    on Apr 19

    In japan, complaining upward and indirectly is usually the easiest way to go, so talk about it with the staff there. They are responsible of the environment as well as understanding you and your needs, so I think they will try hard with their English to talk to you about it.


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