Dec 13, 2018

Pokemon go and making friends

Ok so I am SUPER late getting into pokemon go. However, I don't have anyone I know nearby who plays and I need to trade a pokemon to complete a field research task or whatever. How do I find people who play pokemon go near me without having to walk up to random people and be like ...be my friend? *desperation*



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6 Answers

  • genkidesu

    on Dec 23

    @yokolostinjapan do you still play Pokemon Go? I think you do...maybe you can advise @edthethe?

  • Eli

    on Jan 1

    You can try social media. A lot of people that are looking for friends in the game post their friend code in social media. You can post your code and add that you are looking for someone to trade in your area or look for people with similar posts.

  • I am also playing Pokemon Go, but don't have many friends in Japan who are playing it, because as you said: I don't want to walk to random people for this xD'' Als Eli said: try social media. I am in a German Facebook Group, but I think there are many groups especially for certain regions ^^

  • Jackson

    on Jan 11

    There are certain Pokemon Go spots around town. If you are in Tokyo, for example, I think the Bic Camera in Shinjuku has a little pokemon corner (outdoor) that people often gather around during events. Other than that, go to the Pokemon Centers (the shops) the next time you are nearby, such as the one in Tokyo Station underground (and several more in Tokyo), as I sometimes see people playing outside of it too.

  • hellonihon

    on Jan 21

    Totally not weird, but you can add me because I still play! To complete the tasks, I actually just looked at the subreddit for Pokemon Go. They are eager for more friends, plus you can make friends across the globe and get gifts from many different places. Also, you may find a little pocket of Japan players as well.

  • JTsuzuki

    on Jan 31

    I still play too! When those tasks come up, I search twitter for people who made their trainer codes public and ask friends on other social media sites like Facebook. As for chatting with other people in person about Pokemon Go, I also still find that challenging and basically do not engage unless they seem to be signalling that they want to talk Pokemon with a random foreigner, which has yet to happen.


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