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What's your favorite Tokyo hanami spot?

I feel like I've hit up all the "standard" hanami spots: Yoyogi, Asukayama, Ueno, Yanaka... What's your favorite spot (preferably not on that list) and why?

Just outside Tokyo

Where could I bring a group for an interesting tour of forest or gardens , cute town hope with onsen . Nature a bit

Kagoshima or Hakodate?

I'm thinking on going on a trip sometime in September. Which of the two do you think should I visit first, and why? Thanks!


Narita Airport To Shizuoka City

Are there any direct bus rides from Narita Airport to Shizuoka City, Shizuoka?

Narita Airport To Shizuoka City

Hi. I will be travelling to Japan this coming April 11. I would like to know the cheapest, economical ride direct going to Shizuoka City, Shizuoka from Narita Airport Terminal 2. This will be my first time in Japan. :)

Bus commuter pass?

I see people with a bus commuter pass and I'm wondering if there's any information online about this? (I can find a lot of information about the train tekken commuter passes.) I want to see the prices and if it's worth it for me to buy one. If it matters, I'm looking for Yokohama area ones... Keikyu bus or Kanachu bus. (or is there one for all companies?)


Kagoshima or Hakodate?

I'm thinking on going on a trip sometime in September. Which of the two do you think should I visit first, and why? Thanks!

Tips for a trip to Nagasaki/Fukuoka/Saga/Oita?

We're trying to head down to Kyushu for a little break later this year, and if you've been to any of the abovementioned prefectures before (or even live there!) I'd love to hear your suggestions for cool things to do and see - preferably the cool spots that guidebooks or online resources might not cover! Thanks in advance!

Trip to Miyazaki this summer. Any recommendations?

Heading to Miyazaki, Kyushu this summer (4 nights, staying in Aoshima). Any recommendations on places to eat would be much appreciated. Also, any sightseeing spots? The priority is surfing but we'll have a car and will still have time to travel around a bit. Cheers!

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Japan Q&A

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What are some good Japanese Dramas for Studying Nihongo?

One of my goals this year to focus on improving my Japanese Language Skill. So I'm looking for good Japanese drama to binge watch at the same time to study. Any recommendations?


on Jan 10

6 Answers

Any idea for snowboard destination?

What's the best ski resort in Japan that is accessible by bus or train? I have been to Nagano. Any other recommendations?


on Jan 3

7 Answers

Any fukubukuro you're eyeing?

It's that time of year when many of us start thinking about fukubukuro, and I was wondering if you have your eyes on any good ones for 2021! I usually opt for coffee/tea ones personally, since I know I'll almost always like and use all of the contents. How about you?


on Dec 26

14 Answers

Minimalist Christmas present ideas?

I'm turning minimalistic. Does anyone have any nice ideas for Christmas presents that are usable and preferably eco-friendly yet still special???


on Dec 9

9 Answers

2021 diaries/planners?

I love paper diaries/planners, and was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for 2021. I've got my eye on a Hobonichi, but I'm curious about what the rest of you use! Maybe you prefer electronic planners!


on Dec 5

15 Answers

Buying a used house

With being at home and covid everywhere, I’ve been thinking a lot about buying a used house and stop paying all this 70,000¥ Rent. I don’t have PR but I applied in summer. My Japanese is basic so I’m a little worried there may be fine print that I miss when buying. Anything I should look out for when buying? How about when getting a loan? Anything I should be specially aware of? I could buy cash if it’s 10 or less million but I don’t want to put all/most of my savings into something so....so serious. My partner is also a foreigner.


on Nov 25

16 Answers

Posting overseas during corona

Has anyone any experiences of posting items overseas from Japan since the coronavirus outbreak? Is there much point in trying to send parcels home for Christmas, do you think?


on Nov 23

6 Answers

Plans for Thanksgiving?

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Are you eating/making anything special? I am planning a friendsgiving and trying to pick what kinds of things I can make in Japan for this!


on Nov 9

13 Answers

Making the festive season feel more festive

I know a few of my friends here usually have plans to head home for Christmas, but everyone I've spoken to is staying put this year because of COVID. I'm curious to know if you're in that boat, how you're managing to make the holiday season this year feel more festive. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!


on Nov 4

10 Answers

Instant Pot or Other Electric Pressure Cooker Recommendations

We're interested in an electric slow cooker / pressure cooker as LP gas can get expensive. If you have something like that and actually use it often, I'd like to hear from you. Do you have any recommendations for brands (Japanese or other), where to buy one, what size is good for a couple who likes making enough for leftovers? Thanks!


on Oct 27

12 Answers

Autumn leaves already? And does too early mean poor viewing?

Hi! Has anyone seen or heard of autumn leaves already worth viewing? On one of the morning programs yesterday they showed Nikko and it already looks stunning. And I saw on tenki.jp that the gingko trees in Chichibu are already changing color? Are the autumn leaves early where you are? Also, I heard that in years when its been colder than normal and there is a lot more rain than usual (like this year) the autumn leaves aren't as nice as normal. Anyone know if there's any truth in that?


on Oct 17

13 Answers

Best museum you've visited in Japan

I'm a bit of a museum geek, and love checking out weird/wacky/wonderful ones too. For those who also enjoy visiting museums, which have been your favorites during your time in Japan? I'd love to hear your recommendations and experiences!


on Oct 14

4 Answers

Linking amazon accounts?

Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to link a Japanese amazon account with my home country's. Has anyone tried it? I ask this question because I would like to take advantage of the prime membership in my country as well (mainly for watching prime videos).


on Sep 30

10 Answers

Any Anime recommendations?

Hello! I'm looking for new anime(2020) to watch that are available on amazon prime.So far I watched or started watching Kimetsu no Yaiba, Rezero, yahari or no rabu comedy. Any suggestions?


on Sep 24

4 Answers

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream

So this is very random, but I really want to try Ben and Jerry's new Netflix and Chilled ice cream, but I am not sure if I can find it in Japan... Have any of you ever seen it here? If so, where? Please help my ice cream craving XD


on Sep 9

8 Answers

Mildew everyday

I’m finding mildew is taking over lots and lots of my stuff (see pic). Usually I would use straight bleach in the bathroom and toilet but on material I’m at a loss as to what to use. The picture is of my camping chair.


on Sep 8

9 Answers

Silver Week plans

Since the State of Emergency I haven’t ranged beyond a few kilometers of home. To relieve the cabin fever, I figure I’ll do day trips to neighboring cities by train (probably against traffic) to do temple walks. I’ll mostly be out of doors. What’s your plan, assuming it’s a four day weekend for you?


on Sep 7

14 Answers

Do you want to invest money while living in Japan?

Earlier this year I wrote this blog about investing money in Japan: https://www.city-cost.com/blogs/helloalissa/GO9lX-living_money_japan2020 My questions are: Have any of you invested in the NISA? If yes, was it very difficult to do in Japanese? If no, would you be interested in investing in NISA if there was information available to do so in English? Thank you!


on Aug 26

3 Answers

Bubble bath recommendations

My son loves bubble bath (who doesn't?) but he keeps going after my expensive and hard to obtain baby soap. I want to get him something that he can play with. so cheap with the most bubbles for my bucks. I also want to know what you use for self care days. Best smells, skin feel, maximum bubbles.


on Aug 21

7 Answers

AC: Dry vs Cool

Here is another question about AC, while we are still all depending on it. ACs have the "dry" and "cool" functions. Which one is more energy-saving? I have heard that "it depends", but what does it depend on? Please enlighten me so I can slow electricity bills from lightening my wallet.


on Aug 20